jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

The eyes of the experience / Los ojos de la experiencia

Hi everyone. This is my last work, an amazing bust sculpted by Adrian Sanchez, painted for Monte San Savino Show. It´s a very special miniature for me, because i think that his expression and colours are related with the thoughts i had in the 3 weeks that i used to paint it :). I hope you like it

Best regards

Hola a todos de nuevo. Os presento mi ultimo trabajo, un busto esculpido por Adrian Sanchez, pintado expresamente para Monte San Savino. Es una miniatura muy especial para mi ya que creo que su expresion y los colores que use tienen mucha relacion con las 3 semanas que use para pintarlo :) Espero que os guste

un saludo 

The eyes of the experience

I love the pic with this side face :)

martes, 2 de septiembre de 2014

Music and paint

Hello there!
Today I want to make two artists of electronic music, something special, because one is electro-funky and the other has an eighties tint which I love.

the first is chromeo, a Canadian duo that surely you will know because this year have had a hit called "jealous" but I definitely recommend you take a look at several of his previous singles (in my opinion, better than this :))

This is my favorite "night by night"

Hoy os quiero dejar dos artistas de musica electronica, algo especiales, ya que uno es electro-funky y el otro tiene un tinte ochentero que me encanta.

el primero de ellos es chromeo, un duo canadiense que seguramente tu conoceras ya que este año han tenido un hit llamado "jealeous", aunque yo te recomiendo sin duda que eches un vistazo a varios de sus singles anteriores (en mi opinion, mejores que este  :))

Os dejo mi favorita "night by night"


Kavinsky is the Vincent Belorgey pseudonym. This Parisian artist plays a french house (see Daft Punk) with an eighties style that people of my generation will love. Some of yours will know him as the autor of the great movie ost, Drive.
This is one of his great songs, but honestly I recommend you to listen the entire disc!

kavinsky es el seudonimo de Vincent Belorgey. Este artista parisino realiza un french house (ver Daft punk) con un estilo ochentero que a la gente de mi generacion les va a encantar. Algunos le conocereis por ser el realizador del tema principal de una gran pelicula, Drive.
Esta es una de sus grandes canciones, pero sinceramente os recomiendo que escucheis los discos enteros!

jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014

Avalonian Bust // Busto de avalonian

Hello again. This is one of the latest miniatures I have painted. This is the "Avalonian Bust," a piece in which tested different aspects of cold ambience. It was part of the display who got the silver medal at the last world expo of Stresa in the category of "Fantasy Master painting". I Hope you like it

Hola de nuevo. Os presento una de las ultimas figuras que he pintado. Se trata del "busto de avalonian", una pieza en la que probé diferentes aspectos de ambientación fria. Formó parte del display que consiguio la medalla de Plata en la ultima world expo de Stresa en la categoria de "Master pintura fantasia". Espero que os guste.  

martes, 5 de agosto de 2014

Ork bust // Busto de orco

Hello there! This is one of my latest works. It is the bust modeled by Pablo lopez "paloji". I used it to try some new techniques such as the use of fluorescent colors in the shadows, like it. Hope you like it. Greetings 
¡Hola! Os dejo uno de mis ultimheos trabajos. Se trata del busto modelado por Pablo Lopez "paloji". Lo he usado para probar algunas tecnicas nuevas, como el uso de colores flurescentes en las sombras. Espero que os guste. Un saludo

domingo, 1 de junio de 2014

New wargame: Fallen Frontiers! / Nuevo wargame: Fallen frontiers!

Today I want to talk you about Fallen Frontiers , the new wargame created by Scale 75 through its brand Scale Games and directed by my friend, the famous miniature painter Elias Alonso aka ´la morsa´ and Adrian Prado. Hoy os quiero hablar de Fallen Frontiers, el nuevo wargame creado por Scale 75 a traves de su marca para juegos Scale Games y dirigido por mi amigo el afamado pintor de miniaturas Elias Alonso aka la morsa y Adrian Prado.
They offer us a new wargame system where you can play with large armies , or skirmishes, a system for creating armies supported bycards , with which each game is completely different from the previous one, just fantastic!
Nos ofrecen un sistema novedoso de wargame en el que puedes jugar partidas de grandes ejercitos, o escaramuzas, con un sistema de creacion de ejercitos con apoyo de cartas, con el cual cada partida es completamente diferente a la anterior, simplemente fantastico!As you can see , each pledge prices are very good compared to the number of miniatures and additional supplements that containing. 
Como podeis ver, los precios de cada pledge son muy buenos respecto a la cantidad de miniaturas y suplementos adicionales que contienen.The game currently has 4 factions detailed below , stunning all of them, but my favorite is definitely the sayx :)
El juego de momento consta de 4 facciones detalladas a continuacion, impresionantes todas ellas, aunque mi preferida sin duda son los sayx :)They are of exceptional quality , 35mm ( perfect for painters like us) scale , and I can vouch for this because I have had the honor to paint some of his official boxart .
Son de una calidad excepcional, de 35mm de escala (perfecta para pintores como nosotros), y doy fe de ello porque he tenido el honor de pintar algunas de ellas de su boxart oficial.


En definitiva, yo apuesto por este wargame, una buena ocasion para engancharme de nuevo a los wargames
In short , I bet for this wargame, a good occasion to get hooked again wargames

Take a look in his website for detailed information!
 Echa un vistazo a su pagina web para informacion detallada

Click here for support Fallen Frontiers at kickstarter!
¡Clica aqui para contribuir con Fallen Frontiers en Kickstarter!

miércoles, 9 de abril de 2014

Music & Paint

Hi guys, today I open this new section where I will tell you some music that I usually listen while I work in my studio painting. I'm always trying to find new stuff as well as some already know I'm a DJ in a pub in my hometown, valladolid. A greeting and I hope you enjoy it.

Today I present you miike snow, an American-Swedish group that have been engaged mainly in the music production, but they have a jewel like this "Animal" o "Paddling out"

martes, 4 de febrero de 2014

Tau Alien Commander 54 mm

Hi guys

Today I bring a new miniature painted entirely with color range of Scale75, with a big pics ;). Hope you like it and as always all comments are welcome.

This is the Cmon link if you want to vote it

 Hola chicos

Hoy os enseño una nueva miniatura pintada integramente con la gama de colores de Scale75, con . Espero que os guste, y como siempre todos los comentarios son bienvenidos.

Os dejo el enlace de cmon si quereis votarla